Name : Groupe Base de Données (BD)

Laboratory : LIRIS


Description :

The database group (BD) involved in this department includes 14 faculty members (3 professors and 11 associate professors). The group investigates data management techniques for advanced applications such as software services, data streams and dynamic environments. Nowadays, data provenance could be of various sources (sensors, services) and made available on various storage supports. The group builds on (by revising or extending) established techniques from databases, logic and constraints domains.

Without completeness, declarative languages, streams, query processing, security, distributed indexation, distributed query optimization in large and dynamic environments with autonomous participants are pertinent skills for the project, nor can we forget information society, the strategic role of big data, and geopolitical issues. Furthermore, the team experience with the setting-up of experimentation platforms (a service-oriented query platform in OPTIMACS ANR project, a data-oriented Intelligent Building platform at LIRIS/INSA-Lyon) will be particularly useful.

Tasks responsible :
Task2 Data Organization
Members :
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Cazalens Sylvie Cazalens
Dufromentel Sébastien Dufromentel
Gripay Yann Gripay
Grumbach Stéphane Grumbach
Kotto-kombi Roland Kotto-Kombi
Lamarre Philippe Lamarre
Lesueur François Lesueur
Lumineau Nicolas Lumineau