Name : Gestion de Données Distribuées (GDD)

Laboratory : LINA


Description :

GDD is located at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Nantes Atlantique (LINA) and involves researchers from the University of Nantes working on data management, and distributed systems. GDD has currently 18 members: 8 permanents and 10 Phd students.

GDD stands for "Gestion de Données Distribuées" that can be translated to "Distributed Data Management". GDD is mainly focused on distributed data management in large scale distributed systems. GDD has expertise in Distributed Systems, Distributed Collaborative Systems, Distributed Database systems and Web of Data.

Their topics includes:

  • Fundations of distributed system; distributed algorithms, consistency, replication, availability, fault-tolerance, scalability
  • Privacy and confidentiality in distributed data management
  • Distributed Data Management in Web of Data: data integration, social semantic web, linked data.

These topics are present in the following scientific domains:

  • Distributed and Parallel Computing (ICDCS, PODC),
  • Databases (VLDB,SIGMOD),

GDD is member of Labex Comin Labs. The CominLabs federate the best teams from Bretagne and Nantes regions in the broad area of telecommunications, from electronic devices to wide area distributed applications “over the top”.

Tasks responsible :
Task0 Project Management
Task3 Data Protection
Task4 Infrastructure and Experimentation
Members :
  Name Webpage
Busnel Yann Busnel
Desmontils Emmanuel Desmontils
Molli Pascal Molli
Mostefaoui Achour Mostefaoui
Nassopoulos Georges Nassopoulos
Nassopulous Georges Nassopulous
Perrin Matthieu Perrin
Rivetti Nicolò Rivetti
Serrano-Alvarado Patricia Serrano-Alvarado
Skaf-Molli Hala Skaf-Molli