Title : Project Management

Code : 0

Responsible : GDD

Activities : Project coordination

Start Date : 2013-12-01

End Date : 2017-11-30

Objectives : Project co-ordination is the responsibility of the project leader, Yann Busnel from GDD. He will act as the scientific and administrative supervisor. With the help of steering committee, he will supervise the implementation of the project as a whole and the articulation between and complementarity of the various tasks. He will assist task leaders in their coordination with other to ensure the agenda is respected and the deliverables are produced in time.

Scientific Challenges : A steering committee (User:Busnel, User:Lamarre, User:Molli, User:Taiani) will be composed of one representative of each partner. This committee will meet physically, or via telephone conference, at on a three-months intervals of the whole duration of the project. This steering committee will be in charge of:

  • technically co-ordinating the project;
  • supervising the administrative progress of the project;
  • reviewing and attesting the technical and scientific soundness of the produced deliverables.

This committee will be competent for everything pertaining to the achievement of the scientific program, and will make all decisions (to be approved by the ANR) regarding any change in the program.

Deliverables :

  description Dec. 2013 + months
D01 Kick-off meeting 0
D02 Website 3
D03 Yearly meeting & workshop 12
D04 Yearly meeting & workshop 24
D05 Yearly meeting & workshop 36
D06 Final open workshop & last meeting 48
D07 Final report 48

Sub-tasks :

Participants :